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We needed a loan to catch up with payroll and had the amount we needed within 48 hours! Awesome service, thank you! I'll be recommending your service to others in my community.
Tom Gray - Funded 25 days ago
We were in dire straits with our family business and almost declared bankruptcy. Fast Cash™ Merchant Cash Advance came through with a $80K loan and got us back on our feet!
Maria Espinosa - Funded 10 days ago

What kind of loan are you looking for?

Fast Cash™ Merchant Cash Advance can give you access to almost any kind of business loan. Browse through common loans below.

Unsecured and secured small business loans

Fast Cash™ Merchant Cash Advance provides access to unsecured, and secured business loans.

Unsecured (uncollaterized) loans are designed to provide working capital for a variety of reasons and can be tailored to your needs. These loans do not require collateral.

Secured loans (collaterized) include equipment loans, factoring, and merhcant cash advances, and require business owners to supply collateral to receive funds.

The perfect loan type for your needs

✓ Business Line of Credit and Commercial Loans

✓ Merchant Cash Advances

✓ Short Term Business Loan

✓ Working Capital Loan

✓ Inventory, Factoring & Equipment Loans

✓ SBA Loans

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You can have the working capital you need for any business loan type within 48 hours*.

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With a simple, transparent process from start to finish, always keep your eye on your payment schedule and keep your finger on what’s owed.

Talk to a real live person, not a banker!

We work with you to find the perfect loan type for your business, whether it’s working capital, or funds for a new hire – you’re covered!

Any type of business loan serviced.

We work with you to find the perfect loan type for your business, whether it’s working capital, or funds for a new hire – you’re covered!

We've matched thousands of loans to SMBs

Our network of trusted lenders have worked with thousands of small to medium-sized businesses to find them the perfect loan. Are you next?